What an excellent experience! I’m so lucky to have found them

My weight loss goals were treated with intelligence, flexibility and pragmatism to suit my hectic lifestyle. I was so happy my daughter who has suffered with bloating and food intolerance symptoms, also went to see them with great results”

Nancy Lawyer

Nutripharm Team Response 

Nancy is a busy lawyer, who presented with weight loss issues, and needed help with managing her metabolism, portion control and understanding her drivers for eating. She had the metabolic balance blood test, and a stool test to understand her gut health. She had a huge improvement in her bloating and gut issues. Her weight loss was steady and she achieved her goals at each milestone, and now has a sensible, manageable eating plan. She is aware of her emotional drivers and has seen huge improvements in her blood test results. 

Her daughter had issue with yeast  overgrowth and intolerances. A stool test identified her yeast overgrowth, and a food intolerance test identified foods causing inflammation. We recommended a  few supplements and an eating plan to avoid her intolerant foods. Within 3 weeks she was feeling the best she had in years.


A personal consultation changed my life and well being forever

The exceptional knowledge has expedited recovery from numerous travel and work related illnesses. Rita operates at the highest level of professionalism and discretion.

Neil - Manager

Nutripharm Team Response

Neil is a busy manager in a bank, who has always paid attention to his health, but wasn’t always sure on how to manage his cholesterol and health challenges that presented along the way, such as shingles. Neil had a wellman blood test to check his cholesterol and then dietary advice along with supplements to improve this. His primary concern was that his father had suffered a heart attack at an early age and he wanted to be pre-emptive and manage his genetic risk to high cholesterol.


Positive, kind and caring. Just what I needed!

 I have struggled with gaining weight, and have a medical condition that makes weight gain difficult. I have had various struggles with stress and food, and needed some education without judgement, and something sensible that inspired me and not judged me. I have seen many professionals in the past, and it just didn’t work. I now feel better and healthier at nearly 40 than I can remember since my teens! I cannot recommend highly enough

Sarah- Mum

Nutripharm Team Response 

Sarah is a busy mum, who has had an eating disorder that requires sensitivity, understanding and a plan that introduced different foods in a controlled and
manageable way, without fear. Her treatment plan required a weekly weight check, recipe suggestions, and new foods to try each week. A food intolerance
test allowed us to identify what was truly causing issues, and what was rooted in fear rather than science.

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