Health Conditions : Constipation

Normal bowel function varies considerably from person to person, with some regularly passing three movements a day and others one every three days.

Everyone is prone to occasional constipation for whatever reason; a change in  our environment, diet, or drinking water; or even travel away from home could result in being constipated for a few days until your body adjusts or until you return to your customary eating habits and drinking water.

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. A better indication of constipation is if, during the normal course of events, your stools are small and hard and you pass them only infrequently. 

Most theories suggest eating more fibre to prevent constipation, or eating more fruit and vegetables and drinking more fluids. Sometimes a food intolerance test can help identify foods that are causing issues. The removal of eggs from the diet, often allows a more normal bowel function.


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