For all consultations you are requested to fill in the forms that can be downloaded here and return prior to consultation

Nutritional Form -> download here

3-Day Food Diary -> download here


A 3 day food diary should be kept. This can be completed on the day of the health analysis. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier so we can use your consultation time as effectively as possible.


Monthly Sessions

If your health is limiting your lifestyle and you want to address the root cause, this can be a good way to greatly improve health.Each month a new prescription is provided to help detoxify and nourish vital organs. Each case is individual, and often 3 months is enough to see a huge change in health, with then bi monthly or quarterly sessions to maintain well being.


One Off Consultations

Food Intolerances along with tailored dietary advice designed to enhance health can be provided. Please feel free to call (+44) 20 7584 0297 or email us at for specific enquiries.


Skype Meeting

Skype meetings are available- please contact us to arrange

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