Food Allergy Test

Food Allergy Test


Our AllergyCheck tests your allergy (IgE) reactions to 20 different food allergies and 18 different environmental allergies and provides you with clear results.

• Identify your food allergies and environmental allergies
• Clear test results for allergies to 20 foods and 18 environmental allergens
• Convenient home to laboratory food allergy and environmental allergy test

The Allergy Check tests for reactions to the following foods:

• Egg white
• Milk
• Cod
• Salmon
• Crab
• Shrimp
• Meat
• Wheat
• Rice
• Soy
• Potato
• Peanut
• Hazelnut
• Almond
• Tomato
• Carrot
• Orange
• Strawberry
• Apple
• Peach

The AllergyCheck tests for reactions to the following common environmental allergens:

• Birch
• Hazelnut pollen
• Olive
• Cypress
• Ash, European
• Timothy grass
• Rye
• Bermuda grass
• Bahia grass
• Common ragweed
• Mugwort
• English plantain
• Cat dander
• Horse dander
• Dog dander
• House dust mites
• Cockroach
• Cladosporium herbarum

• The AllergyCheck test kit contains all you need to take a small blood sample in the comfort of your own home. Simply return your sample in the pre-paid envelope provided (UK only) to our York laboratory for expert analysis. Your confidential results and additional support material will be posted to you within 10 days.
• Note that if you have not been exposed to a particular food or environmental allergen prior to taking the test and/or you are not displaying symptoms, your antibody levels may not be raised, and your result may be negative (no reaction).
• If you know that you have a bad reaction to a particular food, then do not attempt to eat that food.

• Under the age of 4
• Suffering from a blood-borne disease such as Hepatitis or HIV
• Pregnant or breastfeeding

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All sample reports are for representational and educational purposes only. All data included in no way represents an actual patient. Any comparisons of results to actual patients, is completely incidental.

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