How Can I Change my Lifestyle to Improve my Immunity to COVID 19?

How Can I Change my Lifestyle to Improve my Immunity to COVID 19?

I frequently get asked, what supplements can I take to improve my immunity and I will always take clients back to some basics on lifestyle choices.


1. Stop smoking

If you’ve tried and then started again, don’t give up! On average it can take 10 times of quitting before you give up for good. Your local pharmacy can help and support you with NHS backed nicotine replacement products.


2. Good quality sleep

If you’re not sleeping well, ask yourself what might be the cause? It could be as simple as buying some ear plugs.

At night, you release immune boosting cytokines that help you immunity. We all know when we’re tired, we’re more likely to reach for sugar or caffeine as a quick fix. See our blog on improving your sleep.


3. Meditate

If your mind is racing, try a mindfulness meditation.


4. Exercise

This should be appropriate to your goals. You can over-exercise and this can lead to more stress to the body. If your body is tired and aching, take a day off, and listen to your body.


5. Stay connected

Human connection can lift our spirits. Having a chat over a coffee with a friend, even if it’s by phone, can be a great mood lifter.


6. Reconnect with nature.

Even simply going out for a walk and noticing the world around you can help lift your spirits and improve your sleep quality

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