February: Spotlight on Supplements

February: Spotlight on Supplements

Every month we will shed some light on the vast array of supplements.

Given we are amidst a global pandemic, the team at nutripharmdirect decided to focus on immunity.

Top of the list this month, Vitamin D.

Earlier evenings mean that spring is on the way, but the PHE recommends vitamin D until the end of March- early April. For those from BAME communities, this should go on for longer. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it gets stored in the body unlike water soluble vitamins B and C, which typically get called in the press, as expensive pee.

This takes us nicely onto vitamin C, which we believe you can get from your diet and unless you don’t eat any vitamin c rich foods such as citrus, peppers, strawberries, or broccoli to name but a few. Your RNI (reference nutrient intake) is around 45mg per day. An average orange a day should cover you. If you don’t like oranges have a look at this link. I like it as it gives you an approximate serving quantity too.


Second, Virese.

Which contains monolaurin, an active ingredient of coconut oil and human breast milk. Monolaurin, is known to inactivate viruses by binding to the virus, thereby preventing it from attaching and entering the host cell. So  good whether you have a virus as well as preventing a virus infection.


Third, my favourite that I can’t spell, Saccharomyces Boulardii.

This is a probiotic yeast, that supports something called secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA). It is one of the most research probiotics that protects our immune system from infectious agents.


Buy supplements.

You can find all of these supplements in our immunity essential package, along with relevant dosages.

We also have an enhanced package that includes vitamin C and zinc.




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